Looking for great children’s music?

Sing and dance along with Christine’s fun, smart, upbeat songs for children and their grown-ups!

The Dance on the Planet with Christine CD/DVD features original songs and music videos sure to delight and inspire.

Children and grown-ups alike respond to Christine’s joyous message: Each of us is special and has unique gifts to offer. In discovering our gifts and following our dreams, we celebrate life with our very own "dance on the planet."

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This is your dance on the planet . . . let life know you’re here!

Christine’s Story
Christine was born in Brooklyn, New York, a very good place to be born. She lived with her father, mother, and sister in a brick house with a front porch and a tiny garden full of ladybugs. Her grandparents lived upstairs.

When Christine was very young, she would sit on her grandma’s lap and play songs on a little piano her grandma kept in the kitchen. Christine also loved to sit with her dad and sing into something called a reel-to-reel tape recorder. You can see them in museums.

While growing up, Christine took piano lessons and sang in the choir. She wrote lots of poems, and played lots of soccer. Soccer is like a poem you write with your feet.

Christine began writing songs for children while teaching elementary school on Long Island, New York. Today, Christine lives on Long Island with her husband and son, and Marvel, the cat who thinks he’s a dog. She enjoys performing her songs at concerts & festivals, schools & libraries, daycare centers & bookstores . . . anywhere children and their grown-ups are dancing on the planet.

A portion of Dance on the Planet proceeds supports
children’s charitable & educational causes.