March 2007 -- Just for Fun: Learn the "Dance on the Planet" Dance!
Do you like to dance? Watch Christine's Learn the "Dance on the Planet" Dance video, and see if YOU can do the Dance on the Planet dance! Once you learn how to do it, teach it to your friends. (You can even try to teach it to your grown-ups.)

March 2007 -- Just for Fun: Monster Make-Believe
Did you ever think there was a monster under your bed? Here's a way to have some fun with your make-believe monster:

First, watch Christine's Monster and Monster Make-Believe videos. Then, draw a really cool picture of the make-believe monster under your bed. Next, write down what you would say to help a little kid who's afraid there's a monster under the bed.

Mail your drawing and monster advice to Christine at Dance on the Planet, P.O. Box 16318, Baltimore, MD 21210. Or, scan your work and e-mail it to

Be sure to let Christine know your first name, your age, and whether you're a girl or a boy. Your artwork and monster advice might be displayed on the website!

April 2007 -- Christine's "Kids Club" Performance
Christine will perform at "Kids Club" at 10:30am on Wednesday, April 4, at Westfield Mall in Annapolis, MD. This performance is free and open to the public. C'mon down and dance on the planet with Christine!